11 April 2014

DIY Pom Pom Throw

So guess what this thing is made out of? 
A shower curtain that I embroidered and added pom poms to. 

I needed something to go on the back of our couch to help cover the long expanse of brown. 

Before I got the bookcases that are on the wall behind the couch, I'd been considering getting a piece of furniture to go against the back of the couch instead- something like this but in multiples- to cover the ugly view of all the brown leather. But ultimately I decided I liked the idea of using all the vertical space I had on that back wall and going with bookcases for it instead of something for behind the couch. So since the walkway isn't wide enough to accommodate two pieces of furniture, I have to live with the view of the couch's backside. 
The new throw is my solution. 

It breaks up all the brown a little bit. 

I tried just using a blanket I already had but they were all too thick- when I tucked them in behind the couch cushion they pushed it out in a weird way that would have been super annoying. I needed something thin. 

I'd been simultaneously going through the house (still am) getting rid of stuff we aren't using or that I no longer like, and one of the things I was getting rid of was the shower curtain in the kids' bathroom. We've had it for years and the flower detailing on the bottom and top edge was super faded due to countless bleachings and I was just sick of the look of it in there. But before throwing it into my pile of stuff to get rid of I had the idea to make a throw out of it for the back of our couch. 

I started by washing it. This was always used with a liner behind it, so this part wasn't actually in the shower spray getting hit with water and soap and everything else. It was just a decorative curtain that really wasn't ever in the thick of things like the plastic liner that hung behind it. So I didn't have to worry about any nasty water or soap stains or anything being on this, which is why I was fine with turning it into a blanket. 

I didn't want to use the entire curtain for the throw- just the large part in the center between two thick bands of embroidered flowers. 

After cutting out the middle of the curtain and discarding both ends, I drew out a zig zag design on the fabric with a disappearing ink pen and a ruler. 

I sewed over my drawn lines using silver thread. I went over them all once in a regular stitch, then to help it stand out more, I went over them again in a thicker stitch. 

I love the silver pattern- it's subtle but really pretty. 

I made yarn pom poms to use as fringe on the bottom. It was my first time making them and I used the fork method. Everything I learned, I learned from this video, so I'll just direct you to that because she's the pom pom expert, not me. 

They were very easy to attach to the bottom of the throw- I just threaded a regular needle (one of the biggest that I have) with the string that was hanging off each of the pom poms and used that to sew one knot onto the edge of the fabric to hold the pom pom in place.  I lined the pom poms up with the ends of each zig zag line I'd created, plus one pom pom at each end. 

If I were planning on this blanket actually getting any use, I would have attached these more securely with more stitching and a bigger knot so there'd be less chance of them coming off. Since it's just to hang on the back of the couch though and never get any real use, I did my pom pom attaching pretty quickly. 

I'm so much more okay with staring at the back of the couch every day now that there's something back there prettying it up a little!

Have a really great weekend!

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  1. That is some sewing talent right there my friend. :)

  2. I love how you actually do projects instead of just think about them, like me! Great repurpose for a shower curtain! Now headed over to check out your post...