28 April 2014

Inside-Out Design Has Got a New Look!

  I've been wanting a cleaner look to my blog for quite a while and after a ton of planning I've finally made the switch. It feels really nice to have something that feels fresh and new since I had the old design for close to three years. My whole goal with this blog makeover was to make it look more simple and less cluttered, but at the same time feel like there's more to look at when you're on here. I also wanted my blog design to go with the look of my house so that my photos don't look like they are trying to compete with their background. And finally I wanted this blog to feel more "me". For a long time I haven't even had a profile picture, and I didn't want people coming here for the first time to feel like they have no idea who the mysterious person behind this blog is. I don't want it to feel like some random site; I want it to feel like my site. So I hope I accomplished all that. There's still some tweaks I need to make to some things but overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. 

You'll see I've added a couple new pages. One is a house tour- finally! Another is a "housekeeping" section. I know I don't write a whole lot about that but it's something that I'm also super in to so when I do write those types of posts I wanted to have a place to put them so they're easy to find. 
So look around! I hope you like! 


  1. I love your blog makeover, Brooke. The old one is good but the new one is even better, it feels so much fresher and cleaner now!

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    1. Thank you Jessie! And thank you for letting me know about the giveaway! I'll come enter!

  2. great fresh new look Brooke

  3. Love, love the clean & bright look! Beautiful!

  4. Love the new look! And the new profile picture!

  5. Love it Brooke! I know it must FEEL better, since it looks so professional and sleek- love seeing your picture!! Congrats on the new look. xo Nancy

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    1. Thanks so much Elizabeth!