14 April 2014

Our Kitchen Table {and Breakfast Nook!} is Finished!!

 After weeks of the kids eating lunches like this-

-we finally have a table in our breakfast nook again. 

Rob and I built this table on Saturday and even before it was finished I was hopping up and down around it, screeching about how much I loved it. 

I'm madly in love with the table top color. It's a custom stain color I mixed up, and I'll tell you how I did it in the upcoming tutorial post for the table.

I'm also obsessed with the hairpin legs, which we got from Tablelegs.com

I'm so happy to have this breakfast area done. Here's how it looked before I started it's makeover:

This little space felt a lot heavier than I wanted, and it didn't go with the look of the rest of the house. I was craving a lighter, airier look. 

Now thanks to a new light fixture {no longer available} and art from West Elm, a DIY bench {all supplies for building it from Tablelegs.com}, and now a new DIY'd table, our breakfast nook looks like this: 

It's like a breath of fresh air.
And I love that this room finally goes with the rest of the house. 

Best of all, these two approve. 


  1. Your new table looks great! I like the modern, casual vibe. The white bench is adorable too! Good job, you guys!


  2. I love that table, too cute! How does it look with the dining room chairs in there? And the kitchen chairs in the dining room? They seem a little mismatched with the style of the tables and the formality of each room. Does that make any sense? Anyways, just a thought.

    1. I know what you mean. I actually really like how the more casual chairs in the dining room relax it a little and keep it from looking overly formal. But I did try the upholstered chairs that are in the kitchen nook in the dining room right after we built the dining room table just to see how they looked. Because you're right, the logical thing would seem to be to put the plastic chairs in the kitchen and the upholstered ones in the dining room. But I hated the upholstered chairs with the settee that's at that table; for some reason the coloring of the chairs looks awful (in my opinion) with that sofa. So the upholstered chairs have to stay in the breakfast nook. The white chairs would look amazing at the new kitchen table too though. So who knows what I'll do in the future. But for now I'm happy with everything and ok with being kind of unconventional. :) Thanks for your comment!

  3. That is a great idea that I can use. I have the exact same bench at home.