02 April 2014

Painting Stuff Gold

 Today I gave the inside of this wooden bowl a quick coat of gold spray paint. 

I used a gold sharpie paint pen to trace the design of the wood on the outside of the bowl a few months ago, and have been meaning to paint the inside of the bowl gold ever since.   

It was super quick to do- I just wrapped a plastic bag around the outside of the bowl and taped it off- 

...then a couple coats of gold spray paint later the bowl was back on the shelf looking like this:

So much more fab. So much less like a salad bowl {which is exactly what it is}. 

This bowl isn't the only thing to get gilded. I also sprayed the metal Pottery Barn basket on the bottom shelf gold and it looks just gorgeous in it's new color. It should have always been this way. 

I've been doing a ton of organizing around our house and these shelves have been amazing at helping me get things more orderly and find a place for all the small stuff that's normally hard to find spots for. One of these days I'll have to show just how much I've got packed in here. 

I love how the couple new hits of gold on these shelves tie in with the new couch pillow


  1. Looks even more fabulous Brooke!

  2. such a quick and easy thing for such a chic look

  3. This bowl gets cooler every time I see it! Love it!

  4. I love this. So simple but such a nice touch!

  5. I have kind of become obsessed with gold. Spray paint especially! Super cute.

  6. So chic and glamorous, love the way you transformed your accessories, Brooke!