04 April 2014

Plant I'm Loving: Ferns

 I've always loved the look of ferns on a front porch- it looks so southern and charming. 
A couple days ago I spent some much needed time on my front porch with a bucket of hot soapy water and a rag washing down the front door and windows and just doing a general cleanup of our kind of blah-looking front entrance. Once it was looking cleaner and fresher I was finally inspired to actually do something with it, so I bought a couple ferns and put them on either side of the door. 
It's amazing how much prettier it looks. 

{Although it's hard to tell since the photo I took was more about how cute the dogs looked peeking out the windows.}

I also got a big indoor fern for our living room and am loving it. 

I'm not sure if it's going to be able to stay in this room though. It's suppose to get bright light, and despite how bright this photo looks, this room doesn't get good natural light at all because of the closed in porch that's on the other side of this room's sliding glass doors. So we'll see how it does. I swear our air feels cleaner now that I've got two big plants in here that are actually alive. (Don't let the rest of them fool you- the little ones I've got everywhere are totally fake since I'm generally a plant murderer.) Keeping my fingers crossed for this guy. 


  1. Ferns are the only plant I have had any luck with. Plan on getting 4 or 6 in a week or so. You will love them. They don't die until it really gets cold. Where you live that might never happen!

  2. my mom always had ferns, don't know why I never tried them ,especially since they are pretty self sufficient plants LOL

  3. Love the ferns on your entrance! I haven't bought any ferns for myself. Perhaps I should get it too. Someday...lol.


  4. I LOVE the look of ferns but I've found them too finicky to keep alive. Not that I've found many plants I'm able to keep alive... : P Good luck!