08 April 2014

What's Been Up

 I haven't been posting all that regularly lately because I feel like I've got a bunch of projects started but nothing finished and ready to share. 

However, I just got news that something we need for our newest table build is now on it's way and should be here later in the week so I'm super excited. I'm hopeful that this weekend will finally be the weekend where the table gets built and our breakfast nook is no longer empty. 

We've been functioning fine without a table in there though. We eat breakfasts and dinners in the dining room and during the day the kids who are home eat lunch in the breakfast nook at the bench that Rob and I built. They pull their little chairs in from the playroom and use the bench like a table. 

So we've been fine- in fact Rob keeps joking about how comfortable we've gotten with our new eating arrangements and how we really don't even need a table in here anymore. 
Not so, sir. The table is happening. 

Oh if you look out the window in that picture of the breakfast area you'll see the fern I just bought for our living room and that it's already been relocated to the porch. After only a couple days of being in the living room it was starting to look less healthy and leaves were dropping off of it. Since the instructions said it needs bright light and our living room gets pretty crappy natural light thanks to that closed in porch behind it sucking up all the sunlight, I figured I better move the plant out of there before it died. 

So it's on the back porch now. 

I'm bummed it didn't work out in the living room but at least it's making the view of the porch look a little prettier.

I searched Home Depot yesterday for a new plant for the living room since I've really been wanting something that's actually alive in there, but every single thing they had required bright light. I'm now of the opinion that there is nothing out there that can survive our dim and shadowy living room. For now the plant I've got in there is a fake. 

I'm hoping to be back soon with a DIY project I've been working on. Spoiler alert: it's got pom poms. Yay! 


  1. I'm always a fan of pom pons- can't wait!

  2. still love those fur pillow
    i am afraid if i do some, my dog will eat them LOL
    can't wait to see a pom-pom project

  3. I love how creative the kids have been... Very cute! Look forward to see how the table and the whole room looks when completed!