31 May 2014

Sponsor Shout-Out!

 I heart my sponsors. Like a whole, whole lot. So I like to take some time and a blog post each month to give them a big thanks and share them with you guys.  

Please take a minute to go check out the sites of the people who help keep this blog and it's projects going!

They have really beautiful furniture, rugs, and decor products for both indoors and out, but my absolute favorite is their lighting. The selection is beyond gorgeous. 


This is a place for design professionals like interior designers, architects, builders, etc, to share their project photos and business information in order to increase brand recognition and drive traffic to their sites. It's free to register and because it's an extension of Decorausa, comes with bonus benefits like trade discounts when you shop their site. Check out all the exciting perks of joining and create your free profile here

30 May 2014

Living Room Design: Get the Look


I designed this very eclectic bohemian style living room and I'm sharing key elements for getting the look yourself over at DecoraUSA's Idea Corner today. I think my favorite part is the pile of rugs. Would you do something similar in your house? This type of heavy global style isn't really my style, but at the same time I'm digging it. I would feel like such a world traveler. 

29 May 2014

The Latest and Greatest

 Sorry to be awol all week. It's been busy. And I topped it off by somehow washing my phone with my dishes last night. When I got to the bottom of a stack of plates I was rinsing I found it sitting wet and unresponsive in the bottom of the sink. All I can think is that I was holding it in my hand when I set the plates in the sink and set it down with them. Which is probably a sign that I have real attachment issues with my phone. 
Now it's sitting in a bag of rice and I'll be crossing my fingers for the next 36 hours that it dries out and is fine. Otherwise Rob will be getting me a flip phone and life as I know it will be over. 

In way better news though, I have a new project coming up that I am super excited about- this sideboard that belonged to my great grandmother and that sat in our house when I was growing up. My parents have been holding it in storage for me and my brother brought it over to me this past weekend. 

It's in pretty rough (okay disgusting) shape right now but I'm very very excited about it's potential! Stay tuned for this one!!

23 May 2014

Using Our Bookcases to Store Art Supplies

 I am madly in love with these bookcases in our living room, and for way more reasons than just how good they look in here. 

It is unbelievable how much I've been able to stash on these shelves. I'm going to show how I'm using my bookcases for way more than just books, but since it's kind of a lot, I'm breaking it up into different posts. Today I'm going to show how I'm able to use them to store my kids' art supplies, attractively hidden in plain sight. 
My kids, like most, love to make stuff. They always want to be painting, drawing, coloring, creating....and all those supplies can get out of hand if they don't have a home. I'd love to have some cool wall system in the playroom where everything was organized in jars or bins or something, but since I don't, I use these shelves to store everything and it's working great for me. 

I'm sure you can spot a few things, but I bet you can't see it all...

Some things look pretty when they're more visible, like the colored pencils in the jar, or the crayons in the glass fishbowl. 

I even don't mind seeing all the colorful marker tops poking out of the top of a mason jar. 

Other things that aren't so pretty get stored in pretty containers so they aren't visible (or at least are less visible). 


Pens (and a random pencil eraser):


Paint, paper, coloring books:

Before we got these bookshelves there really were no good spots for any of this stuff; everything was kind of scattered around in different places in the house. It's nice now to have it all together in one place and stored in a way that I can stand to look at every day. 
I've always been a big big fan of really any kind of shelves in a room, but now having these has just solidified in my mind the fact that I someday want an entire wall of these in my living room. My head spins with the ideas of all I could store on them, and in a way that would look so very pretty. 

Next week I'll show you guys how I use these to store things like keepsakes and sentimental stuff. There's way more of that kind of stuff on here! 

Have a great long weekend and a wonderful Memorial Day! 

22 May 2014

The Instagram Wall Has Moved

When I wrote about taping some printed Instagram pictures to the wall earlier this week, I said I would probably be moving them around. And I have been! I tried them out on an empty wall in the breakfast nook and I think I've found their permanent home.  

Here's the wall they started on:

They were fun over there but the shelves next to them are so busy that they kind of took away from the photos. And I like how over on the breakfast nook wall they can spread out a lot more. 

I'm also really loving how all the little squares play off the one big square of the art

I can't wait to order another batch of 48 Instagram pictures to fill in the wall even more. My plan is to make it one row wider and bring it down to just above the chair rail, and then up as high as the rest take me. I'm pretty sure it's going to be awesome. 
Even as it is now though it looks super cool. And it's making for fun meal time conversations. 

To print your own Instagrams I highly recommend Printstagram. They were fast and I am really happy with the quality. (They have no idea who on this green earth I am, so they aren't paying me to say that- I just really liked my experience with them:)

Sorry if over the next few weeks I'm filling up my Instagram with even more photos of my kids than usual. Gotta get some good ones for this wall! ;)

19 May 2014

Insta Art

 For those who follow me on Instagram, you saw last week that I posted this picture: 

I ordered some two and a half inch prints of some of my favorite Instagram photos from Printstagram. I could not be happier with them. It's the first time I've had Instagram photos printed and I love the quality of these. They are so different than normal photos- they are much thicker and feel really sturdy. There were about a million things I was thinking would be cute with these- frame them all together in a giant frame, use them to cover the bottom of a tray, even decopage them to a tabletop- but ultimately I knew I wanted to go with the often seen but so super cute Instagram wall. The very nature of Instagram photos is so casual, and I love how having them taped on a wall fits that feeling perfectly. 

So here is mine so far. 

They're so easy to move around (I just stuck them up with a small piece of scotch tape on the back) that I'll probably be trying these out in different places. But at the moment I'm really liking them here in this niche in the entry. 

There are four walls just like this in here, and now I'm imagining plastering every one of them with Instagram photos. 

I'm already planning on ordering another 48 photos to finish filling in this wall. 

It's been kind of fun that this random wall is all of a sudden a feature wall- all of us keep stopping to look at the photos and the kids especially are obsessed. They ask me constantly to lift them up so they can see better. I'm now a huge fan of printing Instagrams!

16 May 2014

Style That's Trending- Bohemian

There's a lot to love about this style, and I'm talking about it today on DecoraUSA's Idea Corner. Check it out here!

15 May 2014

A Salad Bowl as a Planter

I think I've finally found a plant that can survive my living room, which despite how bright it looks in photos, is actually the darkest room in our house thanks to not having any direct sunlight. There's a big sliding glass door on one wall, but it opens to a closed porch, so all the light in here is filtered. And for someone who wants the house to be so bright it requires sunglasses indoors, this is bothersome. 
After a search for a plant for in here ended in everything I found attractive needing "bright light" I almost gave up the idea of being able to have something in here that's actually real. Until I found this guy, a Snake Plant, who's tag said it just needs enough light to read by. (Not for the plant to read by, obvie...) But anyways we've got that, so score! 

I decided to plant it in this wooden salad bowl that I did a faux bois (or is it??) design on. 

Since it's a wooden bowl I had to do some prepping first before using it as a planter so that it wouldn't end up leaking. 
It had a couple cracks so I filled those with wood glue- filling them once first, letting it dry, then going over them again with another layer. Then I coated the bowl inside and out with several coats of polycrylic sealer and let it dry for almost a week before putting the plant inside. I had researched several ways to waterproof a wooden container to be used for planting, and this was the easiest one I found.

Just for good measure I cut a circle of wax paper the same size as the bottom of the bowl and have it sitting under it, just as an additional barrier incase my waterproofing methods fail. I keep checking under the bowl for moisture but so far even after multiple waterings everything's perfectly dry. I'll let you know though if I end up having any issues. I'm happy with it so far, and love how it looks!