15 May 2014

A Salad Bowl as a Planter

I think I've finally found a plant that can survive my living room, which despite how bright it looks in photos, is actually the darkest room in our house thanks to not having any direct sunlight. There's a big sliding glass door on one wall, but it opens to a closed porch, so all the light in here is filtered. And for someone who wants the house to be so bright it requires sunglasses indoors, this is bothersome. 
After a search for a plant for in here ended in everything I found attractive needing "bright light" I almost gave up the idea of being able to have something in here that's actually real. Until I found this guy, a Snake Plant, who's tag said it just needs enough light to read by. (Not for the plant to read by, obvie...) But anyways we've got that, so score! 

I decided to plant it in this wooden salad bowl that I did a faux bois (or is it??) design on. 

Since it's a wooden bowl I had to do some prepping first before using it as a planter so that it wouldn't end up leaking. 
It had a couple cracks so I filled those with wood glue- filling them once first, letting it dry, then going over them again with another layer. Then I coated the bowl inside and out with several coats of polycrylic sealer and let it dry for almost a week before putting the plant inside. I had researched several ways to waterproof a wooden container to be used for planting, and this was the easiest one I found.

Just for good measure I cut a circle of wax paper the same size as the bottom of the bowl and have it sitting under it, just as an additional barrier incase my waterproofing methods fail. I keep checking under the bowl for moisture but so far even after multiple waterings everything's perfectly dry. I'll let you know though if I end up having any issues. I'm happy with it so far, and love how it looks!


  1. Love, love that salad bowl! Great idea as a planter! Now I know what variety of plant to look for ....we have very little natural light in the HEAH. The BLH had too much!

  2. Great idea! And I love the faux bois look in gold : ]

  3. Why not?! Love it Brooke!

  4. Very unexpected way to use the salad bowl, love the way you think outside the box! The plant and salad bowl combo look great!