13 May 2014

A Tray at the Table

I've been feeling like the vase on the table looked a little lost and lonely on the big empty tabletop. 


So when I saw this round tray at Target on sale for $15 I knew exactly what I could do with it. 

I love trays. I could probably have one on every single surface of our house. I love how a group of items that look like clutter or random when they're all shoved together on a surface, suddenly look purposeful and neat when they're contained within a tray. 
It's been nice having the vase, bowl of fruit, and cup of the twins' utensils on the tray too since this table gets used a lot throughout the day for a lot more than eating- when it's being used for painting, coloring and playing with play dough I clear it off, so with the tray it's quick to move everything all at once instead of three individual things every time. 

I also love the little bit of color the items on the tray are giving this spot, and that the round tray mimics the shape of the light shade. I would love it if the tray was the same scale as the light fixture, but the table isn't big enough for that anyway. But I'm really liking how this looks!


  1. Great tray, great price, great look!

  2. I love trays! They make everything better :)

  3. A tray always helps making things grouped better! Love the way you arranged yours, practical and pretty!

  4. Oh Brooke, you are so smart. I am going to incorporate this on my one and only table and on my island, too. Thank you my sweet friend, for ideas, fun and prayers! ♥, Renae