19 May 2014

Insta Art

 For those who follow me on Instagram, you saw last week that I posted this picture: 

I ordered some two and a half inch prints of some of my favorite Instagram photos from Printstagram. I could not be happier with them. It's the first time I've had Instagram photos printed and I love the quality of these. They are so different than normal photos- they are much thicker and feel really sturdy. There were about a million things I was thinking would be cute with these- frame them all together in a giant frame, use them to cover the bottom of a tray, even decopage them to a tabletop- but ultimately I knew I wanted to go with the often seen but so super cute Instagram wall. The very nature of Instagram photos is so casual, and I love how having them taped on a wall fits that feeling perfectly. 

So here is mine so far. 

They're so easy to move around (I just stuck them up with a small piece of scotch tape on the back) that I'll probably be trying these out in different places. But at the moment I'm really liking them here in this niche in the entry. 

There are four walls just like this in here, and now I'm imagining plastering every one of them with Instagram photos. 

I'm already planning on ordering another 48 photos to finish filling in this wall. 

It's been kind of fun that this random wall is all of a sudden a feature wall- all of us keep stopping to look at the photos and the kids especially are obsessed. They ask me constantly to lift them up so they can see better. I'm now a huge fan of printing Instagrams!


  1. Oh how fun! I love this playful take on displaying Instagram photos (always my favorite, candid family photos). Great idea.

  2. Super fun! I've been wanting to get mine developed, it looks awesome :)

  3. Brooke- this is super cute!! I have always wanted to get my instagram pictures printed but never knew what to do with them....now I do! Going to find a place for this in my house!!