02 May 2014

My Mother's Day Wish List

 Mother's Day is Sunday, May 11...

and I have my day all planned out: church, followed by parking myself on my couch and not moving for the rest of the day, unless you count shoveling sweets from a plate to my mouth.
I love being a mother. 

Here's what's on my radar for this Mother's Day. Receiving any one of these gifts would say to me that I rock as a mom and that I am appreciated. It would validate everything I do for my family and let me know that the times I spend on my hands and knees scrubbing mashed bananas out of the rug, or wiping someone else's toothpaste smears out of the sink, or cleaning up after someone has sneezed chocolate milk across the table, don't go unnoticed. Receiving one of these gifts would tell me that I really and truly am loved. 

{Maybe I'm laying this on a little thick. I'm sending the link to this post to Rob.}

Here's my Mama's Day wish list:


  1. Great round up, Brooke! I want the pretty recipe box and that stylish gold bracelet!

    Happy weekend!


  2. Would love to get any of these too Brooke!

  3. what a great necklace