12 May 2014

My Weekend & a Little Bit of Organizing

 I hope all of you mamas had a great Mother's Day!
Mine was really nice. 

I got the necklace I wanted:

And a new set of dishes that I love- and donuts, which are pretty much my favorite food. 

But mostly it was a great day because I spent it with my husband and kiddos. 

Friday of last week I was super sick and spent the day in a miserable mix of either feeling like I wanted to bundle up in every sweater that I owned or wanting to rip off all my clothes and lay under a fan. Being sick completely blows. But Saturday morning I woke up feeling like a new woman so I spent the day disinfecting our entire house and washing all bedding and towels to rid our house of disease. I also got started on cleaning out and organizing under the kitchen sink, which is kind of a mess. 

I'm only showing you this because I swear it's going to get better. 

All I did Saturday was get rid of one thing under here that was taking up a ton of valuable space: the big basket to the right full of pens, pencils, scissors, etc. It was basically our junk drawer. 

I was able to divide up all the contents of the basket between either one small jar under the sink or the bookcases in the living room. I made a tray for the pencils with this cheap white basket that I stole from the playroom:

I spray painted it gold and put it on the bookcase in easy reach of my 8 year old so now he can get his pencils for homework from here instead of under the kitchen sink. 

I'd love to eventually replace the cheapo plastic basket for something prettier but for now I'm happy with the free option, and the gold color makes it look a little less Dollar Tree. 

These shelves have been amazing at helping me get organized. It's crazy how much I can fit on them. I keep imagining how much I'll be able to stylishly store if I'm able to someday have a whole wall of these like I'm wanting. 

Anyways the weekend was a good one. Hope yours was too!


  1. How lucky you are to get something you wanted for Mother's Day! By the way, I think I have a similar style kitchen rug as yours (mine was green though).

    Glad you had a lovely Mother's Day weekend, Brooke!


  2. glad you are feeling better and had a great mom's day

  3. So glad you are feeling better, that you got "organized" and most of all that you received that lovely necklace!

  4. Brooke, it sounds like you had a good Mother's Day. I was sick too and funny, I just cleaned out underneath my sink today as a get-well present to myself, lol. It's so satisfying to organize after being sick, I'm not sure why.

    xo Mary Jo