22 May 2014

The Instagram Wall Has Moved

When I wrote about taping some printed Instagram pictures to the wall earlier this week, I said I would probably be moving them around. And I have been! I tried them out on an empty wall in the breakfast nook and I think I've found their permanent home.  

Here's the wall they started on:

They were fun over there but the shelves next to them are so busy that they kind of took away from the photos. And I like how over on the breakfast nook wall they can spread out a lot more. 

I'm also really loving how all the little squares play off the one big square of the art

I can't wait to order another batch of 48 Instagram pictures to fill in the wall even more. My plan is to make it one row wider and bring it down to just above the chair rail, and then up as high as the rest take me. I'm pretty sure it's going to be awesome. 
Even as it is now though it looks super cool. And it's making for fun meal time conversations. 

To print your own Instagrams I highly recommend Printstagram. They were fast and I am really happy with the quality. (They have no idea who on this green earth I am, so they aren't paying me to say that- I just really liked my experience with them:)

Sorry if over the next few weeks I'm filling up my Instagram with even more photos of my kids than usual. Gotta get some good ones for this wall! ;)


  1. They add such a fun graphic punch!

  2. Great addition there Brooke! Quick question, how do you put them on your wall? tape?