23 May 2014

Using Our Bookcases to Store Art Supplies

 I am madly in love with these bookcases in our living room, and for way more reasons than just how good they look in here. 

It is unbelievable how much I've been able to stash on these shelves. I'm going to show how I'm using my bookcases for way more than just books, but since it's kind of a lot, I'm breaking it up into different posts. Today I'm going to show how I'm able to use them to store my kids' art supplies, attractively hidden in plain sight. 
My kids, like most, love to make stuff. They always want to be painting, drawing, coloring, creating....and all those supplies can get out of hand if they don't have a home. I'd love to have some cool wall system in the playroom where everything was organized in jars or bins or something, but since I don't, I use these shelves to store everything and it's working great for me. 

I'm sure you can spot a few things, but I bet you can't see it all...

Some things look pretty when they're more visible, like the colored pencils in the jar, or the crayons in the glass fishbowl. 

I even don't mind seeing all the colorful marker tops poking out of the top of a mason jar. 

Other things that aren't so pretty get stored in pretty containers so they aren't visible (or at least are less visible). 


Pens (and a random pencil eraser):


Paint, paper, coloring books:

Before we got these bookshelves there really were no good spots for any of this stuff; everything was kind of scattered around in different places in the house. It's nice now to have it all together in one place and stored in a way that I can stand to look at every day. 
I've always been a big big fan of really any kind of shelves in a room, but now having these has just solidified in my mind the fact that I someday want an entire wall of these in my living room. My head spins with the ideas of all I could store on them, and in a way that would look so very pretty. 

Next week I'll show you guys how I use these to store things like keepsakes and sentimental stuff. There's way more of that kind of stuff on here! 

Have a great long weekend and a wonderful Memorial Day! 


  1. love how you diguised everyday items into your decor Brooke!

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