06 May 2014

Vintage Geology Chart Framed

 I added something new to my gallery wall yesterday that I love. 

Kirsten Krason used it in a room last week and I loved it and knew I needed it in my life too. I love how it looks with the gold frame. 

I had to do some switching around since the geode print was taking the place of the gazelle. 


I cut the gazelle photo down a little and now it's living on the other end of the wall in a smaller frame. 

Somehow he has even more impact now that he's in a smaller frame. 
I love that face. 

I had the geode art printed up at Staples so for around six bucks for an 11x14 size, I got some new wall art that literally rocks. Can't beat it. 


  1. I love the new arrangement. I agree the geode print has much more impact cut down!

  2. Agree with the switch, this new addition is a beaut!

  3. Love the new addition! That wall, wow...its great! I am sorry, is the a turtle shell up there?!! How in the world do you find something like that?! Fabulous. Great job.

    1. Thank you Cassie! The turtle shell is from Target!! I got last year from the Nate Berkus collection. That's why Target freaking rocks. :)

  4. Love the subtle pop of color from your new addition!


    1. Thank you Jessie! Me too! I like that it gives the wall some color.