09 May 2014

What I'd Love to do with Our Lighting

 Although I've switched out a couple of the over head lights in our house, since we're renters it isn't really feasible for us to change every single light fixture that we have. I would love to though. If we owned this house, it's one of the first things I'd do. 

Lamp Factory USA, which is based out of Miami, Florida {my home state!} has really pretty lighting options that would make this place look way more my style. 

This is what's currently happening in the living room (I crop it out of most photos).

I would love to replace the fan with something along these lines:

The entryway has this totally fine but uninspiring fixture:

If I could I think I'd want something really glamorous and statement-making like this:

Our play room is just off the entry to the left when you come in the door.

So instead of that fan, I'd love to have something fun and modern since it's a playroom, but that's still glamorous and that would go with the rest of the house. Something like this: 

We have three small hallways in our house that all have an identical flush mount: 

I'd love to do something with a little more sparkle like this: 

It would really jazz up each of the hallways and the shape and color tie in well with the drum shade that's in the breakfast nook already. 

So that's it- my theoretical lighting plan. Sure do wish I could put it into action. But it's still nice to have an idea of what I want so that when the day comes that we're no longer renters I'll know what to get. 

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  1. Hold on, someday you will be in a position to change out all the generic lighting that we all have had. I call those hall ceiling lights, boob fixtures. We now have a whole new collection in our new home. I can't tell you how many we have replaced in previous home. The ones in our foyer hall resemble your foyer light. It's OK, but like you, I want something stunning, chic and classic!! We have two, the hall is so, soooooooooooooo long it needs two lights!! It will be awhile before we replace the two of them. Keep planning...and it's always great to have something to look forward to!