02 June 2014

Decorating Blog to Check Out!

 I'm so excited because my bff since elementary school started a decorating blog recently. How often do you stay friends with someone that you met in the 3rd grade?? Not too often. But Alicia and I are still pals after 20+ years. I like to think that part of it is because we're a lot alike in our love of decorating- we were the kids who were always revamping our bedrooms to try to make them prettier. But also, she's just a really, really great friend. It's easy to keep friendships with people like that. :)
In high school Alicia would always say how she wanted to be an interior designer, and I had no idea what she was talking about. Decorating was something that I did quietly at home during my childhood; it's what I did to make myself happy. I had no idea that it was something that people actually do, like for a career. Alicia was always the smart one out of the two of us. And now she's launched her interior design blog and I'm so excited for her!

Please go say hello and start following along at
Blue Hued Nest.


  1. heading over there now!

  2. Great blog.....
    Congratulations to your friend.

    1. Yes I'm excited for her! Thanks Patty!

  3. I love finding new blogs…heading over…

  4. Brooke, aren't you a great friend? She's lucky to have you as her bff!