18 June 2014

Fabric Shopping

 I'm craving some more pattern & color in here, which has me shopping around for fabric lately. And when I say "around" I mean 99% at Spoonflower. I'm obsessed with that site. They've got more fabric than you can possibly see in one lifetime and it's all super cheap. You can see some projects I've done using their fabric here (a bench), here (a bench again), here (a fabric pin board), and here (a pillow). 

Here's what's catching my eye these days. 

Obviously I'm feeling tribal. 
Decisions decisions. 


  1. Love 2,3 &8 the most!!!

  2. Enjoy,,,,,,,have fun in your search!

  3. I love Spoonflower...and just about all the fabrics you listed! I often find myself buying fabric but then not really having any project for it.