16 June 2014

Framed Seashell Collection

My 9 year old and I worked on a project today for Cub Scouts and the happy bi-product of our accomplishing it (besides the fact that he's one step closer to finishing the requirements for his Wolf badge, and the mother-son time) was that it is now looking fantastic in the living room. 

My son had to have a collection of at least 10 things like rocks, leaves, stamps, etc and then display them in an orderly way. He chose seashells because we already have lots of them that we've collected from beach trips. He picked out his favorites and we laid them out in a frame and hot glued them into five rows of four. 

The frame had already been on the wall with something else in it so I just took out the photo that had been in here and took the glass out of the frame since the shells won't fit behind it. 

It's nice to get some bonus art work out of bonding time with one of my kids! :) 


  1. It actually looks great there Brooke! Doesn't seem like a boy scout project to me. :-)

  2. That is awesome, so clever! You make a great team!

  3. So cute! I really love it. My mom has so many seashells I think she should do something similar.

  4. The shells look wonderful on your wall. Fabulous collaboration!


  5. So cute! I love that you made it with your son too!