09 June 2014

Obsessing: Acrylic Curtain Rods!

 I know it's a total cliche to say, but seriously, WHERE have these been all my life?? 
I am suddenly seeing them all over the place and now I'm feeling like I'll never be satisfied with another curtain rod again. 
The acrylic rods in this room by Shea McGee Design have me swooning. {Actually the whole room does, so you must check out the rest of the photos!} 

Too bad acrylic rods like these are quite a bit pricier than the cheapo rods I usually buy. But when something looks this classy I think it's worth the extra money if you've got it.

Sadly I don't though, which is why I am giddy about the tutorial I just found for DIYing these!

These gorgeous rods were made by Grace of A Storied Style. She actually has two posts about making your own acrylic drapery rods- one has the tutorial for the rods that she made for her living room back in 2012 {HERE}, and then the other post has the tutorial for the acrylic drapery rods with DIY drapery hanging hardware that she made for some outdoor curtains last year {HERE}.

It kills me that I can't do this now. The house we're renting already has it's own curtain rods all over the place, and even though I've been fine with switching out a few light fixtures, swapping out curtain rods and then having to store all the old ones so we can put them back up when we move all seems like a little too much work to me. So I'm waiting on this one. But I've got these posts pinned and I've already made a blood pact with myself to make these one day. 


  1. I didn't know about acrylic rods either, thanks for the heads up! I hope you can make these fabulous acrylic rods soon, I know they will be awesome!


  2. Ooooh, have to check this one out! Thanks Brooke!

  3. Those rods are gorgeous!! I'll have to pin them!

  4. I have been obsessing over these as well! I don't typically spend that much on rods either but these might be worth the splurge!

  5. I haven't heard of acrylic curtain rods! I love the idea that the rod wouldn't take away from the accompanying curtain fabric, or even the wall color - I like wall color that pops! Thanks for sharing, Brooke. I'm going to tuck this nugget away as well.