04 June 2014

Sideboard & Phone Updates

First let's talk about my phone- it works again {yay!!} and other than a few tiny bright spots at the edges of the screen is totally back to normal.  I'm so freaking relieved. If you missed the post where I talked about the idiotic way I screwed up my phone, I'll recap it for you: I somehow unthinkingly set it into the kitchen sink, stacked a bunch of dishes on top of it, and then washed those dishes while my phone sat at the bottom of the sink getting soaked. It spent the next two days in a bag of rice while I had nightmares about having to down grade to a flip phone. When I took it out of the rice it turned on for several seconds but there was obvious signs of water under the screen and it shut itself off pretty quickly. Not a great sign. My husband read somewhere that Damp Rid can get the moisture out of the phone much faster than rice so we switched it over into a ziplock of that and left it for another two days. I'm not going to recommend it because it says right on the bag of Damp Rid not to let it come into contact with metal, but the phone is working great so I'm glad we tried it. And from now on I'll be checking my sink for phones before I start washing the dishes. 

I made some headway on the sideboard, although it's not super obvious from the pictures:

Here it is before I had touched it:

And here's how it's looking now after I emptied out all the old papers/trash, went over the entire thing inside and out with a shop vac, power sanded every surface inside and out, shop vac'd the whole thing again, and then wiped it all down with vinegar to help rid it of the super musty smell it had. 

I said in my first post about it that it was in disgusting shape but I didn't realize just how disgusting till I started getting down and dirty with this thing. It was after removing the drawers and discovering dozens of fossilized cockroach eggs, along with some dried roach wings, that I began to entertain the idea of dropping this at the curb with a "free" sign. Un-airconditioned storage units in Florida are not kind to furniture, and this thing had been sitting in one for like 6 years. The smell alone was enough to make me start second-guessing having this in my house. And don't even get me started on the cob webs. Akk. 

Luckily between the shop vac and the power sander I was able to eliminate all signs of it's apparent stint as a cockroach condo, and the combination of the vinegar and the fresh air out on the porch have helped reduce the smell significantly. 

I know the before and afters in this post are pretty underwhelming, but trust, this sideboard has come quite a long way already! I can now touch it without feeling like I need to be wearing a haz-mat suit.

Before I begin painting I'm going to coat this whole thing inside and out with Kilz primer which will hopefully eliminate the rest of the musty smell. If it doesn't go away completely there is no way I'll want to keep this, so I'm really really hoping the Kilz will work. Cross your fingers for me! 


  1. Glad your getting your phone back somehow Brooke - it's a like a pet you never want to be without! LOL! So happy you didn't throw this piece out, I know in your good hands, this will be a stellar piece, can't wait to see it!

    1. Thank you Vel!! and YES your phone description is spot on lol! It feels so good to be reunited! :)

  2. I LOVE the shape of this sideboard. Good on you for tackling this!

  3. I promise you ....You will make this a SWAN!

  4. I am so happy your phone works again, Brooke! I hope you will keep this beautiful piece so we can see the fabulous transformation! When you mentioned about the "cockroach condo", I literally LOLed, I love your sense of humor!