12 June 2014

Sideboard Quick Pic

 Progress on the sideboard is slow-going...even though I've done a lot so far. 
It's just taking a whole lot of paint and time to cover this thing's sins. 

Obviously this picture is from behind, so the very back isn't getting any more paint. But the sides, legs and top aren't as well covered as they look in this photo. They still need at least two more coats, plus sanding and multiple coats of sealer. This piece of furniture is taking a lot longer than anything else I've ever done, mostly because it started out as such a mess

I'm anxious to have this done but only being able to work on it during my kids' nap times means it probably won't be done till sometime next week. 

1 comment:

  1. I cannot wait to see the finished product! It reminds me how I've been meaning to share my bedroom dresser transformation with you and your blog. I hear you when you say MULTIPLE layers of paint, sanding and sealing. Hope your hands aren't cramping up!