09 July 2014

Book Review: The $50 Home Makeover

I'm sure lots of you are already fans and followers of the home decor blog Perfectly Imperfect by Shaunna West {and if you aren't yet then visit her blog and you will quickly become one!}. Shaunna has written a book called The $50 Home Makeover, which I received a little over a week ago and read every page of in about 3 days. I absolutely loved this book for the same reasons I love her blog- it's written for real people with real lives. 

She actually had me at the cover- all I had to read was "75 Easy Projects to Transform Your Current Space Into Your Dream Place- for $50 or Less!" and I knew this was my kind of decorating book. I love reading books by interior designers and seeing photographs of rooms that have been featured in 84 different magazines...but sometimes those books and those images can be a little bit deflating. When I look up from the book at my own house I see toys on the floor, and a stain on the couch I re-covered, and a vase that's been glued back together after dropping on the floor, and it all just makes me feel like my house will never be what I want it to be. 
So what I loved about Shaunna's book is that it makes you feel okay about living in a regular house with regular house problems. And actually it makes you feel more than okay- you feel pretty satisfied and (speaking for myself) hopeful. Hopeful because her book shows you how with just a little bit of time and a little bit of money, you can make your regular house into a really special home. That's maybe not as perfect, but every bit as pretty, as the houses in magazines. 

I also loved that this book is filled with projects that are perfect for someone like me who craves instant gratification. Sometimes it's so nice to see a cute idea and know that it can be implemented in a nap time. And one of my favorite things about the way the projects in this book are laid out, is that you don't have to guess how long something will take you to do- the details like how long each project will take to do, and how much the cost for materials is, is all laid out at the start of each tutorial. 

That way you don't have to guess if something can be completed while your kids are sleeping- you'll know before you start. And tons of the projects in here have time-frames of an hour or less, perfect for someone trying to be creative while the kiddos are in bed. 

I also really like how each chapter in the book covers a different category of projects- "Before and After", "Semi-Handmade" etc. It makes it easy to find things if you're looking for a certain type of tutorial. 

There are a lot of ideas in here that I'm excited to try out. A few of my favorites are the vintage book catch-all, 

the cork wall, 

the faux planked wall, 

and a great idea for helping your kids create art that you'll actually want to hang:

From start to finish I loved this book! If you're wanting great ideas that anyone can do, I highly recommend The $50 Home Makeover! (Oh and by the way, the most expensive project was $50, so the title doesn't lie!) 

You can find it on Amazon here: The $50 Home Makeover.

I received this book at no cost in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are 100% mine. 

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