17 July 2014

Guest Posting: Why I Read The Book of Mormon

 So today I'm over at another blog doing a guest post, and obviously from the title it's very different than what I normally write about! But it's something that's really special and important to me, so when one of the missionaries from my church invited me to write a guest post for her blog, I was really happy to. 
I share little snippets of my faith on here but I don't that often because I know most people are just coming for the decorating. But my beliefs are something that influence every aspect of my life so when I get the opportunity to share them I like to. And today I'm sharing why I read The Book of Mormon. So if you're curious come check it out! Despite how my normal gushing may make it seem otherwise, that book brings me way more happiness than buying something new for my house does. :) 

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