14 July 2014

Laundry Room Updating

 I didn't really know what to call this post since "updating" is probably too strong a word for what I did in our laundry room over the weekend. 

We have one of those very typical laundry rooms that has a door connecting it to the garage and that's just long enough for the washer and dryer to sit side-by-side and just wide enough to be able to squeeze between the washer or dryer doors (we have front loaders) and the opposite wall if the doors are open. 

I never take photos in here and I was in a hurry Saturday when I made my little updates, so all I have as a "before" is this shot from my Housekeeping page

I was trying to keep it real and leave my laundry room looking a little messy like normal for the photo, thus the dresses hanging to dry behind me. 

For the most part ever since Rob and I got married we've had this type of laundry room and I've always wished for a bigger one that would function better and be easier to keep organized. 

That is until this laundry room... 

...and then I realized that I really had never had anything to complain about. 

So now that I have the typical little laundry room again I am grateful! Just wanting to make it more functional. Even though it's tiny I'd like it to do more than it currently is. And be a little better looking. 

This weekend I made a few super fast changes that are already making me feel better about the room. 

One change I made was to get our cleaning and chore lists off the refrigerator and tape them to the door leading to the garage. 

They are just as easy to check in here, and now the kitchen looks better with the front of the refrigerator cleared off. 

I've been wanting to utilize the wall space in here some more for things that normally end up on the counter in the kitchen. We already have hooks in here for backpacks/purses/hats etc. But I've also been wanting some sort of wall file system to put things like our son's homework folder and papers from school that he's working on, since throughout the school year those things end up sitting on the counter in the kitchen and it drives me nuts. There's not a whole lot of wall space in here but there is space behind the door. I'd been thinking of getting wall files to hang there, but then during a Wal-Mart trip on Saturday, I saw a two pack of clip boards for less than $4 and decided I was going to use those instead. 

I hung them on picture hanging hooks so when we want to clip something to them or take something off the clips, we just lift the clipboard off the hook first. A wall file would look nicer but I'm perfectly happy with this super cheap solution. And when the door is open we can't really see them anyway. 

This is a change that I'm so happy I made before school starts next month. This one little thing is going to improve the way I experience the school year. 

A couple more small changes I made in here were to first get rid of a large green laundry basket that was way too big to fit on top of the washer. Then to try to pretty things up a little bit I poured all the laundry detergent gel packs into a glass fishbowl. 

I love how much cleaner it looks with just the smaller white laundry baskets up here, and having the detergent in a pretty bowl makes it look like I care a little bit more about this space. 

I want to get a rug for in here too to help keep the floor in the rest of the house cleaner from all the garage traffic, and to cheer things up a little more. The laundry room is one of the most used rooms in the house so I really want to make it more pleasant to be in. These little changes aren't much, but they're a start! 

Before you go, I'm over at Decorausa's Idea Corner today with a post about floor lamps. Check it out, and have a great Monday! 


  1. Brooke, love the clipboard idea! Have you thought about covering them with some sort of fun fabric and/or scrap paper to liven them up? Just a suggestion. :-)


    1. Yeah I almost did that before hanging them but I was too impatient. But that Pinterest image is motivating me to get on it- that looks awesome!! I hadn't thought of fabric though, just paper. I'm going to check my fabric stash now and see what I've got. It might be cute to make them match something I already have around! Thanks for the idea!

    2. I can't wait to see what you decide to do with them.