22 July 2014

Okay, Now I'm Torn...

 ...Because yesterday I was gushing about how much I love the way my new pillows look on the couch, but then I tried them out in my room just for fun and I'm smitten. 

Maybe it's just because in this room that I've neglected for so long, it now feels like I actually care. Our master bedroom has been a complete after-thought ever since we sold our house and started renting almost four years ago. I've done NOTHING to make it pretty in all that time. Bringing in the finished sideboard was the first step to making it feel like there was something in here that I actually wanted as opposed to a bunch of crappy, temporary furniture that we got for free and just use because it fits. (-It's a big room but a weird shape, and because of all the angles every where, a lot of things I want, like bigger side tables, won't fit in here.) 
So anyway bringing these pillows in here and having something bright and pretty feels really really good! So now I don't know where they will stay, on the bed or on the couch. I guess I'll let the fabric combos that I come up with for the other couch pillows make my decision for me. 

By the way, the back drop to the pillows is an upholstered headboard that Rob and I made a few weeks ago! I haven't blogged it yet because it's not finished. The main part is, but now I can't decide on how I want to finish it off, with tufting or nail heads. So I'm waiting to get that figured out and finished before I post about it. But that's another step towards feeling like we have a real room again! And we've actually never had a headboard in the whole time we've been married so it's been really really nice to have something to lean up against for the first time ever! 

So that was a super long way to say that I don't know where the new pillows will be living yet! 


  1. Do "The Morning Test"! Try it out for a couple of days in each location and see where you like it best.

  2. Oh wow, they do look so pretty there!! But I love them on your couch too! I know what you mean, because Matt & I's room is the same - the last place I think about decorating and just becomes a place to put the stuff I don't know what to do with. But it should be our little sanctuary, so I need to follow your lead and start fixing it up!

  3. To be really honest, I like the new pillows on your bed more! They look really stunning and the color palette goes so well with the furry pillow!