01 July 2014

Organizing A Few Kitchen Supplies

 I don't know why, but something that has always really bothered me in my kitchen is this view:

I hate seeing the dish rag draped across the center of the sink, and the dish drying mat always taking up counter space. It's a small thing but it's something I notice every time I'm in my kitchen and the other day I finally did something about it. 

My sister showed me last week how she has her dish washing gloves hung on a hook on the inside of the cabinet under her sink, and her dish rag hung on the pipe under the sink. I thought it was such a great idea so I figured I'd do something similar. 

I've seen ideas on different organizing sites for hanging a small curtain rod under the sink to hang your dishrag so it's out of view. I love the idea but have been procrastinating spending even the small amount of money that a rod would cost, so I thought my sister's idea for using the pipe that's already there was a smart one. 

I cleaned the pipe really well with alcohol to kill any germs and then lined the bottom of the cabinet under it with a thick water-proof cabinet liner. I don't plan on hanging the rag dripping wet under here but this way I won't have to worry at all about any water damage happening to the inside of the cabinet. 

Then I just draped the dishrag over the pipe. 

I have an idea to string up some baking twine or something like that under here to hang the dish rag on instead, but in the meantime I am perfectly satisfied with this solution. I love having that unattractive -and many times totally gross looking- rag out of my sight. 

Something else that I used to hate seeing, so I found a new spot for (several months ago though) was the dish scrubbers. I used to just leave them laying in the sink but I hated looking at them in there. Plus it seemed so counter productive- I always put them in the dishwasher after using them, but to pull them out of the dishwasher and then lay them straight into the wet sink where they really couldn't dry so could start growing bacteria right away again seemed kind of pointless. 
So I started keeping them in a canister under the sink and now they are able to dry out completely after they get washed or used, and they look so much neater under here than in the sink. 

That photo above gives a sneak peek at what I just did last week though to finish solving my cluttered sink area problem...(look to the left). 

I decided to use the space on the inside of the cabinet door for hanging my dish drying mat and dishwashing gloves. 

I could have bought Command clips to do this but I wanted to save myself the nine dollars so I made my own instead with clothes pins and some Command Strips I already had. 

I cut the large sized strips in half so that they were thin enough to cover one side of a clothes pin like this: 

I did this to three clothes pins. Then after wiping the inside of the cabinet door with alcohol, I stuck the clothes pins on it with the part that holds stuff facing down:

Then I impatiently waited the hour per the Command Strips instructions until I could hang up my gloves and dish drying mat. 

I feel so much more organized with this little area working so much better for me. And I love that now the view up above has gotten so much cleaner looking: 



  1. Such a clever solution, Brooke. Your sink area looks so nice and neat.

  2. Nice! Like the clothespin Idea a lot Brooke!

  3. Brooke, aren't you the smartest organizer? Love your ideas!