11 July 2014

Painting a New Planter

 You might recall that several weeks ago I made a planter for our living room out of a wooden bowl

I have loved how it looked, but unfortunately the plant inside has recently been looking a little sickly, I think because it needed more space. The bowl is just too shallow for a plant that size. 

I was determined to not kill the one type of plant that seems to be able to survive our living room despite it's lack of good natural lighting. So I ran out the other day to find a larger pot for it. I got lucky at Joann Fabrics- their planters were 70% off. I brought home this one for around $10 that was originally $40. 

I loved the rope detailing, just not the color. So when I got it home I brought it out to the garage first and gave it a couple coats of white paint. 

And now I love it. 

Thank goodness for paint. It's the reason I'm not afraid to hop on a sale like this. As long as I like the shape of something, then it's safe to buy since I know I can change the color once I get it home. 

And now I love how this pot looks with the basket on the other side of the fireplace. 

So while I liked the look of the wooden bowl over here, I'm really happy with how this looks. Especially for ten bucks and 20 minutes of painting. 

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  1. I think it does go better with your basket Brooke!