21 July 2014

Some New Pillows

 I mentioned recently that I've been wanting to wake up my couch a little bit with some more exciting pillows. I love the quiet, monotone look I've had on here, but it's just been feeling a little bland to me lately. 

I talked recently about searching for fabric for some new pillows, but then the other day while cruising a flash sale on Joss & Main, I came across these: 

I loved the pattern and black, white, and bright pink color scheme. And the price was fantastic for two down pillows, so I figured that even if they got here and I didn't love them in person, I could use them as inserts for a different fabric and still get my money's worth. 

But just to be sure I walked around the house with my open laptop and quickly looked at the pillow paired with each room. Obviously the living room was the most important since that's where they'd be going, but I like every room to kind of have a flow about them and relate to each other, so when something looks good in absolutely any room, I know it's a keeper. And I loved these all over the place so I bought them. 

I'm so glad I just went with my gut and got them because I love them! The pattern is so pretty and really wakes up the couch. And I love how it references the design on the ottoman fabric. 

I also love how the little pops of bright pink on the other side of the room are now repeated on the couch- 

And the black and white combo on these pillows looks perfect with all the black and white going on on the wall where the console table is. 

Now that I have these two I am definitely still in the market for fabric for the other two pillows next to them: 

They look fine together, they just aren't as exciting of a mix as what I'm wanting. So these two new ones will be my jumping off point for finding new fabric in contrasting patterns to make covers for the other two pillows on the left and right of the couch. The one in the middle is a toss-up...I'm not covering it because I LOVE it; I don't know yet though if it will stay here or if something will take it's place and it will move to the master bedroom (which I've finally started to SLOWLY do something with). So anyways we'll just see how things shake out with the fabric I find.
In the meantime I'm crazy about these new pillows!! Sometimes you just have to go with your gut and jump on a sale! 


  1. Love it Brooke! I'm also in the 'pink mode' since the 'baby invasion' is creeping in in our Masters bedroom! I'm so glad my hubs doesn't mind... YET! LOL!

    1. lol yep, I'm glad mine hasn't seemed to mind either that I've been slowly sneaking in more pink! :D

  2. Love them!!! I've been struggling trying to find the right pillows for the couch in my sunroom and it is making me CRAZY!!! Every fabric I pick out is outrageous...uggghhhhh!!! I need to get back to checking Joss and Main each day. You got a great deal :)

    1. I know exactly what you mean!!! It's crazy how expensive some fabric is, and it's always the ones I feel like I HAVE to have!!! But then I'm like, do I really want my kids rubbing their faces on this?? So yeah flash sales and sites like Spoonflower for fabric are much kinder on my budget! :)

  3. Great find
    Love the ikat look, have something similar on my couches