08 July 2014

The Finished Sideboard

 From start to finish this project was a doozy. I most likely bit off more than I could chew with this sideboard in terms of how much time and money I was willing to put into it vs how much it actually needed. So I'm resolving to be okay with a finish that isn't perfect and just be grateful that I was able to preserve a family heirloom and take it from disgusting to totally usable. 

Here's how it looked when I got it: 

And here's how it looks now after cleaning, sanding, more cleaning, priming and painting. 

You may notice the big chip in the paint over the left side of the middle drawer- that happened when we were putting the drawers back in. I left this out on the back porch for much longer than I'd planned- when I first got it I said I'd have it done in a week tops, but instead it took me three. A week on the porch would have been a great amount of time for it to air out to get rid of the musty smell it had; three weeks and about 15 storms was enough to make the wood swell up so that getting the drawers back in required way more muscle than taking them out had. So sadly my feet-dragging on this project caused more damage to it. Currently I can't even open the cabinet on the right. 
But I'm consoling myself with the memory of what this was like when I first got it- the evidence of a cockroach invasion at some point over it's lifetime was enough alone to tempt me to drag this out to the street before even getting started on it. I'm still shocked when I walk in my bedroom and see it sitting in there, and looking way better than I've ever seen it look. 

Something else I did to bring this beauty back to life was to clean up those knobs. They are the originals and even when I was a kid they always looked super dark. I just assumed they were brown or something. But after getting it back from storage and taking a closer look at the knobs I realized they were probably solid brass under a thick layer of tarnish- which is exactly what they turned out to be. You can see how I cleaned them and got them back to golden here

So now that I have this sideboard in the master bedroom (which is actually the first piece of really "intentional" furniture in here after selling off all our bedroom furniture a few years ago) here is how I'm using it: 

Up until bringing this sideboard in here, my jewelry has been scattered in multiple boxes and bowls in my closet and bathroom. So now I'm using the sideboard to keep it organized all together and I love it. I designated the top two drawers for jewelry but before filling them I lined the bottoms of the drawers with felt so the jewelry wouldn't slide around when I opened the drawers. 

I'll probably buy large pieces of felt eventually and cut them to fit the drawers, but for now I didn't want to spend any money and I already had a ton of small felt sheets so I just used a few of those in each drawer, cutting the ones I needed to in order to get them to cover the whole bottom of the drawer. 

I used these to get the felt to stick to the drawer:

I love these. They come on a big roll and they're super sticky so they hold stuff really well. But even though it says permanent I've removed stuff before that I had adhered using these, so I'm confident that when the time comes that I want to switch out these felt pieces for one better fitting piece, I'll be able to pull these up without a problem. 

Before organizing my jewelry I went through it all and got rid of all the stuff that was tarnished, broken, or just plain hadn't been worn in ages and I couldn't ever see myself wearing again. Which ended up being a ton. So now I'm kind of itching to run out and buy more just to fill the drawers, but then again it's nice that now the jewelry I still have can spread out and have breathing room.

I still keep all of my gold bangles in a bowl on top of the sideboard just because they look pretty in there. As I buy more stuff to replace what I got rid of I may organize things differently but right now this is working great since I don't have a whole lot of stuff. 

I put extra purses in the cabinet on the left and it's so nice to have them out of the closet. Our closet is pretty slammed so just the little extra room I've been able to carve out of there by removing my purses and jewelry has been nice.

Holy crap, it wasn't until looking at this photo that I realized that almost every purse I own is pink. None of these are my "every day" purse; that one hangs on a hook in the laundry room. These are extras that either used to be an every day purse, or that have always just been a "going out" purse {-those are getting less and less use over the years....I had to blow the dust off of them before tucking them in here}.

So anyways that's the sideboard and it's new life as my purse/jewelry holder! (Currently the bottom drawer is just holding some empty boxes from places like Guess that I've just saved because they are pretty, and the cabinet on the right isn't holding anything because, yeah...I think I may have ruined it.)

One last look-

From scary: 

To pretty:


  1. Looks like it BELONGS!!! Great job!

  2. I just got back from my vacation and voila, came back to your finished sideboard. Love the results! It looks so beautiful now. You did a wonderful job, Brooke!