10 July 2014

The Instagram Wall is Growing

One of my favorite spots in our house is this wall I taped a bunch of Instagram prints to a couple months ago. 

Back then, it looked like this: 

Now after adding 48 more of the mini sized Instagram prints from Printstagram...

 ...it looks like this: 

I am so obsessed with the cuteness of these little squares. My plan is to eventually get another batch and  take them all the way to the ceiling and down to the chair rail.  I just love how they look. And at $15 (+ shipping) for a batch of 48 minisquares, you get a whole lot of impact for a small amount of money.

I actually ended up with a bit of a problem while I was hanging these- the top row ended up being two squares short. I tried playing with the arrangement of just that row and making it line up differently than the other rows in a "different-on-purpose" kind of way, but I just wasn't liking it. 

So, to improvise until I can order more, I decided to fake a couple extra Instagrams. 

My order had come with a couple extra squares in the same sizing and everything as my photos- they're like Social Print Studio's little calling cards. 

I used those as my template and also my base for my counterfeit Printstagrams, by first finding a couple photos where the focal point was further back from the camera so they'd be small enough to fit inside such a small square. 

Then I set the Printstagram card on top of the photo over the part I wanted to save, and cut everything else around it away. Once that was done I trimmed away a little more off the sides of the photo so that the white edges of the Printstagram card would show and it would look more like a real Instagram picture. Then I used a couple pieces of rolled up tape to stick the photo to the Printstagram card. 

And voila- two total fakers. 

I made these fast so the edges of the photographs are uneven and they really don't look all that great closeup. Plus their finish is shiny, unlike the real prints that have a flat finish. So I'd never want to like make a whole wall of these as opposed to using the real thing. 
But way up on the wall, surrounded by all the real prints, these two little instagram impostors aren't noticeable at all, and they were the perfect solution to evening out the photo arrangement. 

I've decided that every house we ever live in from now on will have an Instagram wall. 

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