29 August 2014

A Pillow Cover Made With Nate Berkus Fabric

I was so excited earlier this week when I discovered that Nate Berkus has a fabric line at Joann Fabrics
Yesterday I went to Joann's and bought this fabric from Nate's line: 

I absolutely love it and it's just what my couch needed to cover up the gold pillow in the corner that I bought a few months ago and have been disenchanted with for almost the same amount of time.


The shiny gold design is pretty but looked bland in here for some reason. And the pillow is constantly loosing feathers so all of us hate laying on it because we're always getting stabbed by the sharp ends of feathers poking through the fabric. So I've been planning to make a new cover for it for a while now- I've just been waiting to find the perfect fabric. 
Then Nate's new collection came along and I found the perfect fabric. 


I love love this fabric. The design is exactly what the room needed and more than that, the fabric itself is really well made. The weave is pretty thick so it has this great texture that looks so good. 

It's regular price is $49.99/yard but Joann Fabrics has all home decor fabrics marked down to 50% off this week, and since I just needed a half yard, I only paid about $13. 

 Making this into a pillow cover was super easy. The pillow is 18"x18" so I cut two 18"x18" squares from the fabric. I made them the exact size of the pillow because I wanted the cover to fit kind of tight so that the finished pillow would look really full. 

I put the two pieces of fabric right sides together and sewed them together on three sides. When I turned it right side out I had like a fabric bag to slide the pillow into. 

Then I just hand stitched the open end closed. 

I'm so happy with this pillow. It's crazy what a difference the right pattern makes in a room, even in as small a dose as this. 

This is why I don't get rid of throw pillows, even if I decide I hate them. It's so easy to just cover them up with a better fabric and then I have a brand new pillow without wasting any money. 

I've got more pillow plans for this couch that I'm super excited about. I'm actually planning on getting a new couch sometime in the next few months, so I've been keeping that in mind as I revamp our pillows- I'm getting things that I know will look good on the kind of couch I'm wanting. So there are a couple more changes coming to this couch soon, even before it gets replaced. 

Just this one change though is so doing it for me. I'm crazy about this new pillow fabric. 
And bonus- we aren't getting stabbed by feathers as much now that there's an extra barrier of fabric between us and them! :) 

27 August 2014

Who Says Size Matters?

Years ago I felt like the most important feature of a house for me was space. I wanted as much room as possible because I didn't like the feeling of everyone being on top of each other and all our stuff crowding us out. 
However after four years of renting three different houses, all of which have been smaller than the house we sold before starting to rent, my priorities have changed quite a bit. Maybe it's the fact that living in so many different houses in a short period of time has really taught me what I want in a house, or maybe it's just that I'm getting older and more practical, but I am now at the point where size takes a backseat to quality. 

Don't get me wrong, I still would love having plenty of room. I definitely wouldn't turn down a huge, gorgeous house if it was in our budget. But because we have a budget, and because it can't get me every single thing I want in a house, I've realized I'd much rather sacrifice space so that we could afford  the kind of finishes I want. It no longer seems fun to have some massive house if it took up so much of our budget that we had to settle for an interior that was cheap and bland. What's way too expensive at 4,000 sf could be much more doable at half the size, so I'm happy to live a little more cozily if I have to if it means I can have the kind of floors/cabinets/lighting/etc that I want. 

Because of this new outlook, I've been admiring homes where rooms have to pull double (or triple!) duty since there isn't the space for a separate room for every need. 

This closet/office combo is by far my favorite multi-purpose room that I've seen lately. It makes me feel like I never want to blog anywhere but in a closet ever again. 

What would you prefer if you had to choose- plenty of space, or better finishes? 

26 August 2014

Just Feeling Thankful Today

 I'm so glad I have these guys. 

Can't put into words how good it feels to know they're mine forever

25 August 2014

Nate Berkus Fabric

 Have you guys seen this yet?
 Nate Berkus has a fabric line at Joann Fabrics
A notification showed up in my inbox and I almost died. 

I can not get over their fast enough to check it out! The selection looks gorgeous online. (There are a lot more than what I showed here!) 

22 August 2014

A Florida Source for Lighting and Bath

 Since great bathrooms sell us our houses and great lighting makes us want to stay in them, I was excited to find a new-to-me source for both from a place called Farrey's. (And also excited that they are based here in the sunshine state.) 

Started in the 1920's as a small general store in Miami Beach, Florida, Farrey's is now an international lighting and bath company with showrooms in North Miami, Florida and Coral Gables, Florida. 

With chandeliers, flush mounts, sconces, lamps, outdoor lighting, recessed lighting, and more, Farrey's has every type of lighting that a home needs.

Here is just a sampling of what they have to offer:


Farrey's has gorgeous chandeliers that would be beautiful in a living room, bedroom, entryway, dining room...even a kitchen or closet. Every room looks more special with a chandelier. 

Flush Mounts

Flush mounts are perfect for rooms with lower ceilings that don't give enough clearance for a light fixture that hangs down very far.

I'm obsessed with this Congress Ceiling flush mount. It comes in a few different finishes and I think a bunch of these lining a hallway would be so cool. I would also love them in a closet.


Sconces are nice as accent lighting along the walls of a hallway, and on either side of a fireplace or doorway. They also save space when used in place of a table lamp; for example above a console table or on either side of a bed.

Besides their amazing lighting selection, Farrey's also has all the accessories you need to finish your bathroom, with towel bars, shelves, soap dishescabinet hardware, and more.

Check out Farrey's on the web at www.farreys.com  or if you're local visit one of their showrooms.

19 August 2014

Framed Vintage Learn-To-Draw Prints

 Last week I posted about some vintage learn-to-draw charts for kids that I found on The Graphics Fairy site. 

I've been wanting to replace the oversized black and white toy photos in the playroom for a while now- I haven't been super happy with the way they printed out.

Plus I've gotten tired of them and have been wanting something that looks a little bit nicer while still being completely kiddish. Once I found these learn-to-draw printables I knew they'd be perfect in the playroom. 

I knew I wanted to print them up oversized to fit the large Ikea frames. But it was tricky at first to figure out how I was going to do that. When you download these they don't fill a whole sheet of printer paper; only half of it. 

I decided I also wanted to fit more than one chart on a page so after downloading them, I took a screen shot of each of the four charts I wanted to use, that way they'd be an image and I'd be able to edit them in PicMonkey. Then in PicMonkey I chose the "Design" option and since I had no idea how many pixels my final prints needed to be in order to be enlarged and not come out blurry, I just took a wild guess and went with 2000 x 3000. (It ended up being pretty good- they are slightly blurred if you get close to them but not in a way that bothers me at all). 

So anyway in PicMonkey I paired the two bird prints together on one page, and the frog and dog prints together on another page. Then I just saved those two images to my desktop and uploaded them to Staples print center and ordered each of them printed up in one of their engineering print sizes. (I went with the 24"x36".)

Once I got them back from Staples, I realized that the images on the pages were too large to fit within the borders of the mats that go with the frames I'd be putting them in. I hadn't used the mats with the super hero and princess prints but now that I was switching things out I wanted to use the mats again. Plus I hadn't printed up the learn-to-draw charts in a large enough size to fill the whole frame without the mat. But I was able to make it work by just taping the prints on top of the mats, that way it just looked like they had a thinner mat. I measured around the whole thing really well before taping it down to make sure it was all even.  

And here they are framed and hung. 

I love how these look.

The best part is these only cost me a total of $7.00 for the two prints. Not a bad price to pay for two huge pieces of art! 

14 August 2014

Vintage Learn-To-Draw Images

 I found these vintage learn-to-draw charts at The Graphics Fairy the other day and I think they are so sweet! 

There are more in this post on The Graphics Fairy site. 

I think they are super cute so I've got plans for some of these! 

08 August 2014

Anthro Goodness

 Sourcing items for a client e-design project lead me to this pillow at Anthropologie, and now I can't stop thinking about it-

I'm trying to think where I'd want to put it because I've quickly become obsessed. 

There's a lot more great stuff where that came from- here's what else I'm lusting after at Anthro:

{I think it would be so cute to plant a succulent in one of these!}

This next one's way beyond my budget for a candy jar so I'm sure I'll never own it. But it doesn't hurt to admire it...

06 August 2014

Cheap & Pretty Way to Plant Succulents

 I've discovered a really inexpensive way to satisfy my urge to have pretty greenery every where without spending a lot of money. 

Walmart sells tiny succulents in their garden center for between $2.50-$4.00. I get the $2.50 size so that I'll be spending as little as possible. But lets face it, it's usually not the plant itself, but what you're going to put it in, that ends up costing the most. But that's what's great about little succulents like these- you don't have to buy an actual planter pot for them. Since they're small it's easier to get creative. I bought a little succulent for $2.50 at Walmart and then planted it in a small bowl that I found for $1.00 in the kitchen section at Target. (I'm pretty sure it's suppose to be a cereal bowl.)

Actual planters in this type of modern style are a lot more money than what this bowl cost. 

I think it would be so pretty to do this with a vintage bowl too, maybe something with a nice print. Now I want to scour thrift stores for cheap china!