22 August 2014

A Florida Source for Lighting and Bath

 Since great bathrooms sell us our houses and great lighting makes us want to stay in them, I was excited to find a new-to-me source for both from a place called Farrey's. (And also excited that they are based here in the sunshine state.) 

Started in the 1920's as a small general store in Miami Beach, Florida, Farrey's is now an international lighting and bath company with showrooms in North Miami, Florida and Coral Gables, Florida. 

With chandeliers, flush mounts, sconces, lamps, outdoor lighting, recessed lighting, and more, Farrey's has every type of lighting that a home needs.

Here is just a sampling of what they have to offer:


Farrey's has gorgeous chandeliers that would be beautiful in a living room, bedroom, entryway, dining room...even a kitchen or closet. Every room looks more special with a chandelier. 

Flush Mounts

Flush mounts are perfect for rooms with lower ceilings that don't give enough clearance for a light fixture that hangs down very far.

I'm obsessed with this Congress Ceiling flush mount. It comes in a few different finishes and I think a bunch of these lining a hallway would be so cool. I would also love them in a closet.


Sconces are nice as accent lighting along the walls of a hallway, and on either side of a fireplace or doorway. They also save space when used in place of a table lamp; for example above a console table or on either side of a bed.

Besides their amazing lighting selection, Farrey's also has all the accessories you need to finish your bathroom, with towel bars, shelves, soap dishescabinet hardware, and more.

Check out Farrey's on the web at www.farreys.com  or if you're local visit one of their showrooms.

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  1. Oh wow, I love that flush mount! I'm going on their website now to look at more stuff!