29 August 2014

A Pillow Cover Made With Nate Berkus Fabric

I was so excited earlier this week when I discovered that Nate Berkus has a fabric line at Joann Fabrics
Yesterday I went to Joann's and bought this fabric from Nate's line: 

I absolutely love it and it's just what my couch needed to cover up the gold pillow in the corner that I bought a few months ago and have been disenchanted with for almost the same amount of time.


The shiny gold design is pretty but looked bland in here for some reason. And the pillow is constantly loosing feathers so all of us hate laying on it because we're always getting stabbed by the sharp ends of feathers poking through the fabric. So I've been planning to make a new cover for it for a while now- I've just been waiting to find the perfect fabric. 
Then Nate's new collection came along and I found the perfect fabric. 


I love love this fabric. The design is exactly what the room needed and more than that, the fabric itself is really well made. The weave is pretty thick so it has this great texture that looks so good. 

It's regular price is $49.99/yard but Joann Fabrics has all home decor fabrics marked down to 50% off this week, and since I just needed a half yard, I only paid about $13. 

 Making this into a pillow cover was super easy. The pillow is 18"x18" so I cut two 18"x18" squares from the fabric. I made them the exact size of the pillow because I wanted the cover to fit kind of tight so that the finished pillow would look really full. 

I put the two pieces of fabric right sides together and sewed them together on three sides. When I turned it right side out I had like a fabric bag to slide the pillow into. 

Then I just hand stitched the open end closed. 

I'm so happy with this pillow. It's crazy what a difference the right pattern makes in a room, even in as small a dose as this. 

This is why I don't get rid of throw pillows, even if I decide I hate them. It's so easy to just cover them up with a better fabric and then I have a brand new pillow without wasting any money. 

I've got more pillow plans for this couch that I'm super excited about. I'm actually planning on getting a new couch sometime in the next few months, so I've been keeping that in mind as I revamp our pillows- I'm getting things that I know will look good on the kind of couch I'm wanting. So there are a couple more changes coming to this couch soon, even before it gets replaced. 

Just this one change though is so doing it for me. I'm crazy about this new pillow fabric. 
And bonus- we aren't getting stabbed by feathers as much now that there's an extra barrier of fabric between us and them! :) 


  1. Have to go check-out my local Joanne's! Looks great Brooke! have a great weekend!

  2. The design on that pillow is absolutely perfect in your home. Love how it plays off the lamp shades and panels behind them. I think that last shot is shelter-magazine-worthy!

  3. WOW!!! That is really reasonable AND it looks amazing!!

  4. I love your new pillow and I like the beautiful, high quality NB fabric. Good choice!

    Enjoy your weekend, Brooke!