08 August 2014

Anthro Goodness

 Sourcing items for a client e-design project lead me to this pillow at Anthropologie, and now I can't stop thinking about it-

I'm trying to think where I'd want to put it because I've quickly become obsessed. 

There's a lot more great stuff where that came from- here's what else I'm lusting after at Anthro:

{I think it would be so cute to plant a succulent in one of these!}

This next one's way beyond my budget for a candy jar so I'm sure I'll never own it. But it doesn't hurt to admire it...


  1. Great store! Love their things...maybe a little pricey but so different and fun!

  2. loving the white pom pom pillow

  3. Congratulations, Brooke. Didn't know you have started taking e-design clients, how exciting!

    Great round-ups, by the way. I have been obsessed with the staples for the longest time. Now, I am obsessed with those pretty bowls as well!