19 August 2014

Framed Vintage Learn-To-Draw Prints

 Last week I posted about some vintage learn-to-draw charts for kids that I found on The Graphics Fairy site. 

I've been wanting to replace the oversized black and white toy photos in the playroom for a while now- I haven't been super happy with the way they printed out.

Plus I've gotten tired of them and have been wanting something that looks a little bit nicer while still being completely kiddish. Once I found these learn-to-draw printables I knew they'd be perfect in the playroom. 

I knew I wanted to print them up oversized to fit the large Ikea frames. But it was tricky at first to figure out how I was going to do that. When you download these they don't fill a whole sheet of printer paper; only half of it. 

I decided I also wanted to fit more than one chart on a page so after downloading them, I took a screen shot of each of the four charts I wanted to use, that way they'd be an image and I'd be able to edit them in PicMonkey. Then in PicMonkey I chose the "Design" option and since I had no idea how many pixels my final prints needed to be in order to be enlarged and not come out blurry, I just took a wild guess and went with 2000 x 3000. (It ended up being pretty good- they are slightly blurred if you get close to them but not in a way that bothers me at all). 

So anyway in PicMonkey I paired the two bird prints together on one page, and the frog and dog prints together on another page. Then I just saved those two images to my desktop and uploaded them to Staples print center and ordered each of them printed up in one of their engineering print sizes. (I went with the 24"x36".)

Once I got them back from Staples, I realized that the images on the pages were too large to fit within the borders of the mats that go with the frames I'd be putting them in. I hadn't used the mats with the super hero and princess prints but now that I was switching things out I wanted to use the mats again. Plus I hadn't printed up the learn-to-draw charts in a large enough size to fill the whole frame without the mat. But I was able to make it work by just taping the prints on top of the mats, that way it just looked like they had a thinner mat. I measured around the whole thing really well before taping it down to make sure it was all even.  

And here they are framed and hung. 

I love how these look.

The best part is these only cost me a total of $7.00 for the two prints. Not a bad price to pay for two huge pieces of art!