05 August 2014

Today's Target Impulse Buy

 I passed this pillow in Target today and right when I saw it my only thought was "Yes, you're coming home with me." 

I couldn't resist the studs and sequins combo. Plus I love how dark and moody it is. 

The pink and black pillows I recently got from Joss and Main have taken up permanent residence on my bed. They just look too good there to not let them stay. 

This newest couch pillow now has me feeling even more pressure to hurry up and make a decision about fabric for a couple of the other pillows on the couch. I've been wanting the pillows to stand out more, and this new one looks so good that I'm now feeling really impatient to get the other ones looking just as fab. All while keeping in mind how they'll look on a new couch (which I'm taking my time to pick out). 


  1. Not sure if you have noticed or not, but your new adorable pillow goes so well with your gorgeous coasters! So glad the Joss And Main pillows went to your bedroom, I thought they were a match made in heaven!


  2. Target is notorious for that ;) Love it.....it is a great addition!

  3. Oh my, I'm in love! I've been wanting to finish up my couch pillows too! I looooove the ones you made me, and I need to make a plan for their friends! Lol