18 September 2014

A Kitchen Detail I'm Obsessing Over

 I saw something epic and life-changing the other day so I just had to share. I was cruising all the pretty pictures of Emily Henderson's pretty new kitchen, and I loved just about every single thing but what stopped me in my scrolling was the backsplash. 

Gold grout. 
(Which I'm not sure is even actual grout- on her site Emily says she'll be explaining soon…I'll be dying of anticipation till then.) I mean seriously…this is a kitchen game changer. I'd love to try this out in like sample size to see how it would look with smaller tiles, which would equal much more of the grout. Emily's is obviously bigger pieces, and who knows, maybe even one big piece with some sort of gold treatment just sitting on top. Right now I don't know, and I don't care, it just looks so good that I can't stop thinking about it. I'm tempted to take a gold leafing pen into my bathroom (because I don't have a kitchen backsplash) and start drawing over the grout lines in the shower. Probably a bad idea. I'll wait for Emily to explain exactly what this is. 

In the meantime if you haven't yet, you have to go check out pictures of her new kitchen- it's very pretty. I liked looking on Emily's site, and on Domino since both have different photos. (And Domino has the rest of the house too.)

What do you think of the gold? 


  1. Never noticed the grout! Now I too am obsessed!

  2. I checked out her kitchen a few days ago and didn't noticed the grout until you mentioned it. I went to the Domino website and they briefly mentioned about the kitchen blacksplash. It seems that Emily has used a backsplash of marble subway tiles with brass edging (whatever that means). Hope that helps.

    P/S: So glad you stopped by and check out my guest bedroom makeover progress. Thanks for your kind words, Brooke! :)


  3. I agree Brooke - LOVE! Love everything about the kitchen! Thanks for stopping by TNPLH! ps - you should totally throw a pop up party. They are a bit of work but so much fun! Have a great weekend!