11 September 2014

Just Some Stuff

 I'm completely obsessed with this house tour on Style Me Pretty. If you love white interiors, you must check it out. 

I just got West Elm's newest catalog in the mail and I love their new lighting. Especially this:

I want it hanging in my bathroom. 

And finally, I'm trying to come up with an easy project to teach at a craft night coming up at church. I'm determined to figure out something to do with this little glass bowl:


  1. I can't stop with all the house tours on Style Me Pretty!!! Help, I need an intervention :-)

  2. Seriously!!! I keep going back and looking at my favorites over and over...especially that one I linked to!

  3. The home tour is fabulous! Love the beautiful and fresh white interiors, it's so you! I have been eyeing that gorgeous pendant for a while, great minds think alike?


  4. love love love that chandelier ! I haven't seen that yet! I agree I think I need that somewhere in my house as well!