09 September 2014

Moroccan Wedding Blanket Pillow Covers

 I said I had more pillow plans for my couch, and here they are! These moroccan wedding blanket pillow covers from Pottery Barn.

Here's a quick reminder of what the couch pillows looked like before:

And now. 

I am so in love with these pillows. I love how big they are, and how they sparkle with all the little metal disks on them. AND, because of all the metal pieces, they actually jingle when you move them. Not only do they look pretty, but they also sound pretty. 

I spotted them in a Pottery Barn recently and when I picked them up and heard that sound I knew I had to have them. 

For years I've wanted a moroccan wedding blanket but they can be anywhere from $400-$1000 and I do not have it in my budget to spend that much on a blanket. So when I saw these pillow covers I was so excited because this is an affordable way for me to get that same look I've been wanting.

These were a bit of a splurge for me, since I'm used to spending about $30 for a throw pillow. But I think every house needs a few splurges (although everyone's idea of what that is is totally different). 

Because they were a bit pricey for me, I didn't want to buy pillow inserts in addition to the covers, but I needed some because I don't have any 24"x24" pillows that I could stick these covers on. So I used some cheap fabric that I already had on hand and some stuffing to make one pillow insert, and then, because I didn't have enough fabric for two, I bought a bed pillow from Wal-mart for like $6, ripped it apart, and then cobbled it together in like 10 different pieces in order to turn the 20"x30" bed pillow into a 24"x24" pillow insert for my new pillow cover. It is the ugliest pillow insert you would ever see (but you're not going to), but it totally works. I won't be posting a tutorial for that one though. :)

I am so beyond happy with these pillows! 


  1. They add some great texture to the space--they are beautiful!

  2. Your new pillows are so pretty! We don't care what the inserts look like, as long as the covers are gorgeous. We design lovers are superficial like that. :p

    P/S: Thanks for your lovely comment on my guest bedroom post, Brooke!


  3. I found a couple of those blankets on theanou.com for under $300. This place was started by two peace keeping volunteers as a way for local artisans from overseas to sell their goods without the middle man and without the massive markups we see here. My favorite one I found was http://www.theanou.com/product/334-brown-black-bed-covering which isn't actually a wedding blanket but is made in the style of them. There is also http://www.theanou.com/product/1631-blue-yellow-wedding-blanket which is a wedding blanket. The site is amazing, they have such awesome items. You could lose track of time checking it all out, I did, I guess that explains why I'm commenting @ 4 a.m.

  4. Oh and that under $300, the shipping is already included.

  5. http://www.theanou.com/product/1652-white-black-handira-wedding-blankets this one is more money but it's my new favorite.

  6. http://www.theanou.com/product/1653-white-black-handira-wedding-blankets $157

    1. Oh wow, thank you for telling me about these, they are beautiful!! And much more reasonable pricing than any others I've looked at. Thanks!