23 September 2014

Painted Dots Bowl

 I finally found something to do for the church craft night that I'm teaching at in a few weeks. Unlike my original plan, it isn't going to include this little glass bowl. 

However I did find something easy and fun to do with this bowl, and this cup from Target was the inspiration:

I love all the little gold speckles on it, so I decided to imitate the look on my glass bowl. 

I got three different colors of Martha Stewart craft paint at Michaels: white, silver, and gold. I had decided I wanted to reverse the look that's on the cup, where all the dots are most concentrated at the top. So I used a thin paint brush to put little dots of all three colors all over the bottom half of the bowl, keeping them more concentrated on the bottom of the bowl and then thinning out as they go up. I didn't try to make them perfectly sized or shaped since that's one of the things I love about the look of the Target cup. 

I kept all my painting to the outside of the bowl, so that when you look down at it from the inside you're seeing the smooth side. (Since the inside of the bowl is where the majority of them are the most visible anyway.)

I'm thinking of rimming the top edge with the gold paint to get rid of the bluish haze that it has, but this was one of those fast and fun little projects that didn't leave me craving perfection so I may never get to it. 

It's back on the tray in the living room holding sea shells for now, so my little paint job isn't super obvious at the moment. I'm thinking of using it to hold my rings though, so the little dots will be much more visible then. 

I'm excited about the paint treatment I just did to another little bowl, that I'll be teaching at the church craft night soon. Once that's over I'll post the tutorial on here. 


  1. I think anyone can do this Brooke so it's perfect for your Church craft night! It also would make wonderful craft for ornaments for the coming holidays!

  2. Such a fun and easy DIY project, what's not to love? Very beautiful styling work, by the way. I like the little gold vase.

    P/S: Thanks for your sweet comments on my guest bedroom makeover! :)


  3. Super cute project. I think it would look great with a gold rim. Looking forward to the tutorial.