16 October 2014

Accessorizing The TV Cabinet

 Lately I've been working on making the tv cabinet look like a prettier spot in our living room by slowly filling in the extra space around the tv with books and accessories. 
This morning I finally got it feeling finished with the addition of two little bowls that I picked up at West Elm last night while Rob and I were out for a date night. 

I've realized I have kind of a thing for bowls because without really meaning to I seem to always gravitate to them in stores and if you look around my house it's full of them. These two super cute ones caught my eye in West Elm last night and I couldn't walk out without them. They were just too pretty and inexpensive. (The gold one was $6 and the tiny mint one was $3.) I love how they look nested together so for now I'm keeping them like this. 

Since accessorizing is my #1 idea of a good time, the addition of these bowls to the tv cabinet sparked a re-accessorizing frenzy that included 4 rooms and an hour and a half of my morning. Stuff got moved. It was so fun. 

I won't bore you with the details of every single switch up, especially since while it was all happening I was totally in the zone and now that it's over I can't really remember what happened. Just that I liked it. I do know hot glue was involved. Twice. 

The tv cabinet got the most attention though, so here it is all styled and finally looking finished. 

Ideally I'd love to have the tv up on the wall so the top of the cabinet could be nothing but pretty stuff. I'd put another stack of books in the center, or maybe even two more stacks, but anyway for now I'm working with the set up we've got and this is satisfactory to me. 

It's nice to have a pretty view from the couch, so that if on the off-chance I'm bored with the plot line of The Blacklist (not likely) I can be entertained by looking at all the stuff below the tv screen. 

By the way, the wall to the right of the tv isn't actually orangish the way it looks in the photo. We have giant, jack-o-lantern window clings on the front two windows, so all the light coming through them is making an orange haze through most of the main rooms in our house. Can't say I'll be too sad to roll those up in a couple weeks. 

But you know what I won't be rolling up? My tv cabinet. 
(I know that wasn't a good segue.)

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  1. I love these little bowls; they're so pretty!! And I love getting in the zone and getting things organized or rearranged! You're making me want to fix up our tv cabinet!