02 October 2014

Book Review: Markham Roberts- Decorating The Way I See It

I've always been curious about the way really great, iconic decorators approach their projects, and have thought how fascinating and helpful it would be to be able to get inside their heads and see the thought that goes into putting their rooms together. 

So the book by Markham Roberts,  Decorating The Way I See It, finally gave me that inside-look that I've been craving. And it's even more fascinating and helpful than I thought it would be. 

This book actually had me hooked at first sight- long before I'd even read a word. The photograph on the book jacket is beautiful- 

-and when I pulled the jacket off to see what was underneath I could have fainted. 

The most gorgeous snakeskin book cover I've ever seen. 
And with a spine that looks like polished natural stone. 

This book just looks rich. There's really no better way I can describe it, even though I've never used that word to describe anything in my life. It is beyond beautiful and if I could hang it on my wall I probably would. 

Cracking the cover open revealed another gorgeous surprise: 

At this point the rest of the book could have been filled with blank pages and I really wouldn't have cared, but flipping past the cover page and seeing this photograph had me hurrying to the couch to get comfortable and see more. 

I loved the way this book is laid out. Markham Roberts takes you through his design process from start to finish, so I was able to see projects in the planning stages with floor plans, and then read through his process of selecting wall treatments, furniture, art, and accessories. It was so very interesting. One thing I found myself studying over and over is the way that he's able to turn these gigantic, intimidating looking spaces into functional and even cozy looking rooms by creating multiple seating arrangements. 

I also found it fascinating that all of the projects featured in this book look so very different from each other. It made the pages and pages of gorgeous photographs even more inspiring since I was able to get so many different things from them. 

Something that I found very refreshing was that even amongst all the beautiful photographs and stunning cover of this book, it was anything but stuffy because as it turns out, the man behind it is very funny. I've read many decorating books that I loved quite a bit, but never have I found myself both inspired and amused while reading them like I was with this book. There were several points where I'd catch myself smirking at the wording of the anecdotes and thinking how fun it would be to actually meet Markham Roberts because I completely get his sense of humor. 

A one sentence summary of my thoughts on this book is that you should get it for how incredibly informative it is, and you should keep it for how incredibly gorgeous it is. I'm in love with how it looks in my living room. 

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*I received this book free of charge in exchange for my honest review. 

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  1. Great review, Brooke! I thought he has a great sense of humor, too!