17 October 2014

Cleaning Quick Tip: Disinfect Your Purse

I consider myself to be a pretty clean person, but I recently read an article that had me wanting to gag (and maybe throw my purse away). It was about germy areas that we don't even think about (I wish I could remember the name of the article so I could link to it) and one of those areas is our purses. It said a study was done that showed that because of all the nasty places they get set- bathroom counters, grocery carts, floors, etc- horrifying things can be found on the bottom of a purse. Things like, what starts with an f and ends with an -eces. 


The article went on to point out that after we get home we often plop our purse down on the counter (which I ALWAYS do!) then later after we've put the purse away, we make a sandwich on the same countertop, and bingo!- e-coli waiting to happen. 

Even though I don't make a habit of setting my purse in the cart while I'm shopping, my eyes have been opened to just how gross this beloved accessory can be, so I've been taking action. Every time I get home from somewhere I give the bottom of my purse and the handles a quick swipe with a disinfecting wipe. (Double check first in an inconspicuous spot that this won't damage the material of your purse.) I also wipe down the counter with disinfectant if I do set the purse on it before cleaning it, and also after putting the groceries away because if my purse is germy, who knows what's on those grocery bags. This only takes a couple seconds and it's totally worth it! 


  1. I never put my purse on public floors (except our home) or on public bathroom counters because I am a little bit of a germ freak. But once in a while, I would put it on the shopping cart. Thanks for the reminder, I will disinfect my purse later.


  2. Wow, Never thought about the shopping carts, the bathrooms, yes!
    I will now be very aware and wipe the bottoms when arriving home!