03 October 2014

Decorating For Halloween

 Bloggers everywhere are posting about their fall decor so today I'm showing mine. If you're anticipating Pottery Barn-esq decorating though than you're going to be disappointed. All my pumpkins are orange, many have faces, and it's a little more Halloween than fall in here since holiday decorating is something I do more for the kids than me. 

Two nights ago we lit a pumpkin-scented candle, turned on a Halloween movie, ordered pizza, and munched on Halloween Oreos while we decorated the house. The kids had so much fun and I let them choose where a lot of things went. 

The bats are just some paper ones I made a couple years ago. I printed up a picture of one to use as a template and then traced it several times on black scrapbook paper.

We have a whole lot of these happening on the windows, all applied 100% by the kiddos. 

We have a few of these pictures that change depending on where you're standing when you look at them. The kids think they are fantastically creepy so I'll probably buy a few more this year. 

It's crazy to think that from now until almost the end of the year the house will be decked out in some form of holiday decor since the second one ends I'm taking everything down and decorating for the next one. December 26th though is the day it all officially ends and the house gets back to normal. I love this time of year and having things feeling so festive, but I have to admit a tiny part of me is already looking forward to the day after Christmas when it's all tucked away and I can look around and go, "Aaaahhhhh….." Just a tiny part though. I really do love this stuff. :) 


  1. I love the bats, they are perfect for the Halloween season and look so good against your light walls! Those pictures are scary, my husband would not approve! lol

    Have a good weekend, Brooke!


  2. The bats are absolutely adorable

  3. Yikes, the pictures are scary ;) Everything looks great.....I especially LOVE the bats.