06 October 2014

Marbled Bowl: Take 2

I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was so nice- it was General Conference for those of us who belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We spent most of Saturday and Sunday watching it from the comfort of our couch and the talks were so so good. They always are but this time there were a couple that seemed like they were just for my family and I. 

I'm still full from all the food I consumed from my corner of the couch. 

Anyways so about a year or so ago I marbled the inside of this large wooden bowl that once belonged to my great grandmother. 

Here's how it looked before paint- an ugly orange color with two gigantic cracks almost splitting it into three separate pieces: 

I've loved this bowl ever since I marbled it, but even though I only used black, gray, silver, and white paint to do the marbled look, it had this bluish tint to it that I didn't love. 

For a while I've been ready to lighten up the look of it and a few nights ago I finally did. 

I poured some white, light gray, and silver paint into the middle of the bowl:

Then I tilted the bowl in all different directions to get the paint to swirl together and look like marbling, and to get it to spread all around the inside of the bowl. I didn't get any pictures of that part of it since with a bowl this size it's a two-hands job. But it didn't take long before the bowl looked like this:

I am so in love with the lighter look. It's super pretty. I don't know if you can tell from the photo but there are some spots at the bottom of the bowl where the paint split while it dried. It doesn't show through to the darker paint underneath though so I'm just going to sand it a little and fill in the cracks with a clear coat. 

This is one of the few DIY's I've done that's actually really fun to do!