29 October 2014

Paper Flowers

My kitchen sink area is looking like spring time thanks to these pretty pink flowers, and the best part is they'll never die. 

These are really easy to make. Here are {almost} all the supplies:

-crepe paper streamers
-scissors with scalloped edge
-floral wire
-floral tape
-pen or pencil (for attaching petals)
-cotton ball

The only thing not pictured is the glue. I've used both Elmer's and hot glue and both work great. The little circles with the scalloped edges I cut out of the crepe paper streamers. Those are the petals. 

I glued a cotton ball onto the end of a floral wire and then wrapped the bottom half of it and the wire with floral tape. Then I attached the paper petals to the top half of the cotton ball by sticking each petal over the end of a pen and kind of wrapping it around like this:

Then I put a small amount of glue on the bottom of the petal (which is the part covering the bottom of the pen) and then used the pen to push the petal onto the cotton ball. I repeated this until the whole cotton ball was covered. 

So pretty and I love that I can't kill them! 
That is unless I splash them with water…which I find sort of ironic. 


  1. So cute and they look so real!

  2. So pretty! You are so good at this, Brooke!