Hi, I'm Brooke and I love decorating. I have since I was a kid. For as long as I can remember I've thought that the most fun thing in the world to do is to make a room look pretty. As a kid I spent my allowance at yard sales on things to decorate our house and my room. Now that I have three kids and a husband, I love doing everything I can to make where ever we call home look as beautiful and happy as possible. 

I think the reason that I love decorating so much is the same reason that I loved it as a kid, even though I couldn't have put it into words back then. When you decorate you're not just creating a beautiful room- you're creating an atmosphere, and you can make it feel any way you want it to. That is my favorite thing about decorating.  And that was the motivation behind starting this blog, to share the things I do that make me happy with my surroundings at home. 

If you really want to get to know me though, then I have to go ahead and just preface this entire blog with a big disclaimer that says that in the big picture of my life, most of the things I'm writing about, while they make me really really happy and give me a lot of satisfaction, aren't the things that make me the most happy. Decorating makes me very happy. But the things that give me real joy in my life, are my family and my faith. I shared that a little bit here in what was probably my most personal post to date.  Check it out only if you REALLY want to know the girl behind this blog. Otherwise, just stick with the decorating stuff. :) 

Hope you enjoy and get some ideas for your home while you're here! 

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