I know this blog is like, 99% decorating. But every once in a while I throw in stuff about cleaning and organizing. Because truth be told, that stuff rocks my socks too. And lets face it, what good is it to have a gorgeously decorated house, if it's dirty? Honestly I get a ton of satisfaction out of cleaning my house every day. 

A quick rundown of the way I approach keeping my house clean:

* I clean it every day using a schedule that I made up for myself. Completing a few tasks every day is so much easier for me than having just one day of the week where I try to do everything.

*I make sure that my dishwasher is always dirty- the second it's finished a cycle I empty it so that every time a dish gets used it can go straight into the dishwasher instead of getting left in the sink. After dinner I start the dishwasher and empty it before I go to bed. That way in the morning I can load the breakfast dishes right into the dishwasher instead of having to empty it first. That way I'm not tempted to leave them in the sink until later. 

*I do multiple walk-throughs of the house throughout the day and put things back in their place. I'm pretty good about putting things away whenever I notice something out of place anyway, but I make sure a few times a day to actually walk around with the intention of tidying up. For me the times that work are in the afternoon right after my younger kids lay down for a nap, right after the kids go to bed, and then just before my husband and I go to bed. Since I'm picking up so often it never takes me more than a few minutes and often it's only a few seconds. During those tidy ups I don't just pick up toys and any trash; I also straighten pillows, rearrange throws, and just get everything back to looking like it's suppose to.  By doing this the house never gets out of control (even with 3 year old twins running around it all day!) and we wake up to a clean house every morning. Which is crucial for me because otherwise I'd be in an awful mood every day. 

*It's hard to do, but I try really hard to get the day's cleaning done before leaving the house to go anywhere. It's not always possible if I have an early appointment but I really try to get the cleaning done as soon as possible in the morning. I just love how it feels to come home to a clean, sparkling house. So just let me apologize to my friends for all the times I've shown up late to a play date. Odds are I was trying to get the mopping done first. 

Those are just a few of the things I do to make keeping up with my house easier for me. 
I've created this page to keep all my posts with cleaning and organizing tips so they don't get lost in the decorating shuffle. 
Now someone get me a microfiber cloth. 


How I Keep the House Clean (and my old cleaning list)

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